Grade: A

Quest NPC: Melee Receptionist

Major Domestic Bonus: Military + 10

Players: 1

Time: 17:56


Part 1.

  • Capture all Bases
  • Defeat all bandits
  • Defeat all Troops

Part 2.

  • Defeat all Troops
  • Then Defeat the Bandit
  • Defeat the leader

(part 2 is similar to Road Maintenance but must do the whole Map and the bandit appears after troops are all killed)


Best to watch the Video

Rank & Reward

Rank Reward

Herbal Tea, Hua Tuo's Journal - /refresh Emote

Complete 2x = Special Title

Video Guide

DWO Quest Guide 激突娘々の挑戦状05:11

DWO Quest Guide 激突娘々の挑戦状

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