Weapon Tempering systemEdit

Similar to the Warriors Orochi series. Players can use this system to now alter 40 different weapon elements. (see table below) 

There are two main forms of tempering:

Strengthening (which fuses two weapons of the same type together) and 

Trading (exchanges three weapons and materials to create two stronger weapons).

Weapon affinityEdit

天 (Heaven)地 (Earth), and 人 (People). They have a triangular relationship for their affinity with one another and are randomly assigned to weapons. Using a disadvantageous weapon against an opponent will cause them to receive less damage and not be flinched from attacks.

Heaven trumps People.

People is superior to Earth.

Earth has an advantage over Heaven.

You will notice during battle a weapon symbol appears next to the enemies life guage in the top left corner of the screen. the colour of the weapon denotes that targets affnity.

Storm RushEdit

If your Affinity is superior to your enemies, the Spirit Gauge appears over the targets head. The Gauge will be gradually emptied by your attacks. If you continue to attack after the gauge is empty you will invoke Storm Rush.

During Storm Rush you can do Combos by repeatedly pressing Normal or Charge Attack.

Variable CounterEdit

If your Affinity is inferior to your enemies, you can use Variable Counter by pressing the Switch Weapons button (must be done when enemy is using a charge attack) you will have to watch for the blue glow indicating they will use a charge attack..

Weapon ElementsEdit

Name EN Name Effect
荊棘 Throne Inflict damage when attacked
方円 Guard Able to block attacks from behind
狂乱 Frenzy Attack up - Health down
猛攻 Onslaught Attack up - Defence down
鉄壁 Impregnable Defence up - Attack down
乱撃 Riot Musou attack up
連撃 Chain Attack higher combos deal higher damage
神速 Godspeed Attack speed up
連鎖 Chain easier to maintain combos
火炎 Flame Fire Element - burn enemies
氷結 Freeze Ice Element - freeze enemies
雷撃 Lightning Lightning Element - extra damage
旋風 Gale Wind Element - Damage through Guard (chip damage)
斬撃 Slash Void Element - critical damage can instant kil lweaker enemies
病毒 Taint Poison Element
閃光 Flash Damaged Enemies explode causing AoE damage
疾走 Sprint higher chance enemies drop Winged Boots (Speed up)
治癒 Heal Attacks heal you
誘雷 Exaltation Attacks fill musou guage
爆花 Enlightenment Attacks fill Awakening guage
雷花 Burst Shockwaves happen when attacking
誘雷 Lighning Conduction Thunder may happen when attacking
爆花 Burst Flower Defensive shockwave when attacked
雷花 Thunder Flower increases the strenght of Lightning
背水 Backwater Attack x2 when in red HP
忍耐 Fortitude Defence x2 when in red HP
脱兎 Sacred Rabbit Movement Speed x2 when in red HP
裂帛 War Cry When preforming an air recovery, let out a war cry that damages enemies
相揚 Strenghten Attack power increases when 2 weapons of the same affinity are equiped
相堅 Fortify Defence increases when 2 weapons of the same affinity are equiped
怯懦 Cowardice Enemies may become scared when damaged
気絶 Faint Enemies may faint when attacked
蝸牛 Slow Attacks cause slow status
凱歌 Warsong some HP restored for every enemy defeated
咆哮 Roar some Musou guage restored for every enemy defeated
勝鬨 Victory Cry some Awakening guage restored for every enemy defeated
小槌 Gavel Hitting blocking enemies may produce money
激昂 Exciter Use true musou reguardless of health
頑強 Tenacity Guard can't be broken
突風 Gust Increase Gale damage

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