Main RouteEdit

Chapter Stage Officer (IF) IF Condition
1 襄陽の戦い・孫堅軍  Defeat Lu Gong before he retreats - Video
Gaiden 1 涼州の戦い None
2 呉郡平定戦・孫策軍 None
3 小覇王惨禍・孫策軍  Defeat Yu Ji & Xiahou Dun - Video
Gaiden 3 于吉討伐戦  Destroy the source of Yu Ji's sorcery - Video
4 赤壁の戦い・孫権軍 None
5 南郡の戦い・孫権軍

Accomplish the Decoy Strategy - Video

6 荊州の戦い・孫権軍 ★ Ensure that Lu Su enters Jingzhou Castle within 5 minutes - Video
7 合肥の戦い・呉軍

If all IF tasks (★) have been met in previous stages, select Zhou Yu to begin the battle for IF route. Otherwise select Taishi Ci for Historical route - Video

After Chapter 7 if all IF Conditions have been complete you will go to IF Chapter 8. if not then History chapter 8

Historical RouteEdit

Chapter Stage Officer IF Condition
8 濡須口の戦い・呉軍 None
9 樊城の戦い・呉軍 ★ Win with Lu meng stil lalive
10 夷陵の戦い・呉軍 ★ 

Defeat Sha Moke with gan Ning still alive

Gaiden 10 広陵の戦い・呉軍 None
11 石亭の戦い・呉軍 None
12 合肥新城の戦い・呉軍 None

IF RouteEdit

Chapter Stage Officer IF Condition
8 寿春追撃戦 ★ Defeat Zhang Liao before Ding Feng becomes isolated
9 江夏防衛戦 ★ When the battle begins defeat all officers on the front lines swiftly
Gaiden 9 新野突破戦
10 汝南の戦い None
11 許昌攻略戦 None

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