Sol speed

Grade: D

Quest NPC: Your General

Major Domestic Bonus: Military

Minor Domestic Bonus: Distribution

Players: 1


"I have been meaning to test your strength. Not to worry, all you have to do is defeat 500 enemies as quickly as possible. Care to try it? Remember to do your best!"

Strat ~

To Complete this Quest you need to get 500 Kills.

Troops will spawn in different locations and will move when you have killed x amount.

Using Map above ~

  1. Kill the Red Troops in this area when you reach 145-149 wait for a large group to re-appear, you want to kill alot of troops in 1 go trying to get to 160+ kills in 1 shot.
  2. Next defeat the 20 Yellow troops which should put you at 190+
  3. Next take the Base marked 2 (Troops Base) will put you at 290+ hopefuly
  4. Now head to point 4 and kill the Red Troops till 295-299 then same as point 1 try and kill a large amount you need atleast 310+
  5. Now you kill the Yellows here
  6. Then the Yellows here
  7. you should now be at 350+ and a large group of Red Troops will appear at point 7. Kill the last 150 here.

Watch the Video for to see the above strat in action.

Rank Condition Reward
S Time: 5:38+

250 Gold, Storm Card x1, Feather Amulet x1

A Time: 4:09+ Storm Card x2
B Time: 3:28+ Storm Card x1
C Time: 3:05+ 400 Gold
D Time: 2:11+ 300 Gold
E Time: 2:11- 200 Gold


Video Of Quest

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