Advanced Upgrades also Known as Blue Bar's can be obtained randonly during various modifications.

Any and ALL Blue Bars gained can not be removed once obtained.

Temper Blue Bars

Temper Blue Bars are gained Randomly while Tempering a Weapon. You can have up to 4 per stat (Attack, Damage, Defence, Life, Musou). Each Blue Bar will increase your Upgrade Stat +1

So if your Upgrade stat is (+40) and you gain 4 Blue Bars it will become (+44) and like all Upgrade stats it will be (+44) for each temper.


As you can see in this Picture. 3 Blue Bars have been Added and the Increase in to the Upgrade stat has been indicated by the Blue up facing Triangle.

Tips for gaining Temper Blue Bars

1. Add 1 to 5 of your Desiered Temper - Remove with AP - Repeat

2. Add 5 of your Desiered Temper - Break them all off (by reducing Temper via Quests/Battles) - Repeat

Element Resist Blue Bars (Gear)

Elemental Resist Blue Bars are gained randomly when adding Elements to Gear.

These Blue Bars will increase the Resistance Gained per Level by 4%

Tips for gaining Element Resistance Blue Bars

1. Add 1 Element then Another - Repeat

2. Add 1 Element then enter Battles/Quests till Elemental Durability breaks - Repeat

Element Blue Bars (Weapons)

Elemental Blue Bars are gained randomly when adding Elements to Weapons. (very low chance of this happening)

These Blue Bars will ONLY Increase Activation of the Imbued Element.


Tips for gaining Element Blue Bars

1. Imbue 1 Element - Imbue a different Element - Repeat (costly in both Ore and Orbs)

2. Imbue 1~ 5 Elements - Use Weapon in Battles/Quests till all broken off - Repeat

Grinding Advanced Upgrade

Grinding Advanced Upgrades are a little Different from the ones above.

Sometimes while Grinding a Weapon a Temper Blue Bar may be granted randomly to 1 of your 5 Temper Stats.

If all of your Temper Blue Bars are already full then nothing will happen.

Blue Bar Myths

Bowing to the Blacksmith - Myth

Raining - Myth

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