Grade: Wei Chronicle Quest

Quest NPC: Historian

Players: 1

S-Rank: 4min +

Strat ~

You Must Lead Cao Cao from S (start) to F (finish) along the way you will be stoped by several enemie officer's and aided by some allies. (Cao Cao can not die)

Using the Map

  1. Head to Point 1 from the Start. Here you will encounter Ling Tong who will beging to attack Cao Cao, you will have a very short time to Flask befor this happens so try and Flask Attack/Defence at least once or twice, Zhang Liao will show up shortly after to help. so lead Ling Tong to Zhang Liao and Zhang Liao kill Ling Tong for you.
  1. Once Ling Tong has been taken care of Cao Cao will resume his March towards point 2. here he will be stoped by Lu Meng. This time Xu Huang will show up to protect his lord. again lead Lu Meng to Xu Huang to end the blockade quickly. (you wil lfind a Imperial Seal near by so you can assist Xu Huang)
  1. With Lu Meng out of the way Cao Cao will resume his March. and at Point 3 he will be stoped by Zhao Yun. Xu Zhu will come to Cao Cao's aid this time (takes a little longer then the others however). so use same tactic as before and Cao Cao will resume his March.
  1. This time it's Zhang Fei however you will have no support, so assist Cao Cao (Imperial Seal Box close by) and defeat Zhang Fei.
  1. At this point it's Guan Yu beat Guan Yu up for a minute or so and a Conversation will begin between him and Cao Cao, which results in Guan Yu allowing Cao Cao passage. Then simply follow Cao Cao to the Finish to finish the Quest

Rank Condition Reward
S Time: 4:00+

Ambushers on the Path Chronicle

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