The arena can be accessed from the Sergeant NPC in town.

An arena is a 4v4 confront melee battle that takes place in a small area with only neutral troops.

Arena Was Removed From Japanese Server Forever. And is now confirmed to be removed with the introduction of the Yi Ling Scenario Update.

Time Limit - 6 Mins


Arena Rules -

Default Rules are Items ON - Handicap OFF - Flasks REMAIN - Condition COMMANDER K.O.s


Arena differs from Confront melees in that you always start with all your temper upgrades and will always receive 1 item at the end of the battle.

Winners get 3 Honor(in Musou difficulty, 2 in Novice), Lose/Draw 1 Honor

You can also recieve gems and ores from Arena.

This has lead Arena to be used heavily for farming! However with the new 1 Item only this should be less common.

4 people enter kill 10 fast as possible ~ repeat

However a patch was added to the TWN version that may one day come to the US server.

Musou use limit - This patch limited each player to 3 uses of musou while in Arena

Un-Used Used
Arena2 Arena1

Note - NPC Commanders K.Os do not count towards the CKO condition(on the US server they still count if no opponent is on the opposing side)

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