Chang ban

Grade: Shu Chronicle Quest

Quest NPC: Historian

Players: 1

S-Rank Time: 2:30min +

Help Rescue Zhao Yun and lead him back to lord Liu Bei

Strat -

  1. First Objective is to find Zhao Yun (his at Point 1)
  2. Lead Zhao Yun to the Supply Base then Capture it
  3. Now Head towards point 3 (take light blue path) leading Zhao Yun as you go (he may not appear til lyou start going towards the center), when you arrive at point 3 Zhang He will assult Zhao Yun. so Help Zhao Yun defeat Zhang He.
  4. At roughly 25% HP Zhang He will retreat but 4 Officers will arrive. Defeat them. (Yellow Dots on Map)
  5. Once Defeat Cao Cao wil lorder his Troops to all go after Zhao Yun.
  6. Zhao Yun will now begin to make his way to point 4 (where Zhang Fei Appears - Chang Ban Bridge)
  7. Clear out the Red Troops to help Zhao Yun Advanced.
  8. Once you reach the bridge leave Zhao Yun and run to Liu Bei. Zhao Yun will eventually join you.
  9. Quest Complete

Rank Condition Reward
S Time: 2:30+

Battle of Chang Ban Chronicle


Video of Quest

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