Wei Kingdom

General Moveset Hyper Armor Domestic Bonus Battle Bonus
Cao Cao Broad Sword X Peace Musou
Xiahou Dun Scimitar X Distribution Attack
Xiahou Yuan Battle Rod X Technology Damage
Xu Zhu Great Club O Commerce Damage
Xu Huang Battle Axe X Technology Damage
Zhang He Iron Claws X Commerce Damage
Cao Ren Buckler Blade X Commerce Defense
Zhang Liao Pole Blade X Technology Musou
Cao Pi Twin Blades X Peace Damage
Zhen Ji Flute X Distribution Musou
Sima Yi Strategist Fan X Distribution Musou
Pang De Twin Picks X Military Defense

Wu Kingdom

General Moveset Hyper Armor Domestic Bonus Battle Bonus
Sun Quan Wolf Sword X Peace Attack
Zhou Yu Iron Sword X Commerce Musou
Xiao Qiao Double Fans X Distribution Defense
Zhou Tai Eastern Sword X Distribution Damage
Ling Tong Wood Nunchaku X Military Musou
Huang Gai Iron Rod O Military Damage
Sun Shang Xiang Chakrams X Distribution Defense
Lu Xun Twin Sabers X Distribution Defense
Gan Ning Pirate Sword X Technology Attack
Taishi Ci Twin Rods O Military Damage
Lu Meng Glaive X Commerce Life

Shu Kingdom

General Moveset Hyper Armor Domestic Bonus Battle Bonus
Liu Bei Apex Blade X Peace Defense
Guan Yu Crescent Blade O Commerce Attack
Zhang Fei Bronze Pike O Military Musou
Zhao Yun Bronze Spear X Distribution Life
Guan Ping Iron Blade X Military Attack
Zhuge Liang Feather Fan X Distribution Defense
Wei Yan Curved Voulge X Military Attack
Huang Zhong War Blade X Distribution Life
Yue Ying War Spear X Commerce Defense
Pang Tong Vision Staff X Commerce Musou



Rising Pheonix 玄妙藍鳳套 藍天皓綺套
Jing wei1 Jing wei2 Jing wei3
+1 +2 +3
藍羽斗蓬 藍紫金凰蓬 +5 Alt
Jing wei4 Jing wei5 Jing wei0
+4 +5 Event Only +5


Infernal Tiger 玄妙緋虎套 緋炎皓綺套
Jing wu1 Jing wu2 Jing wu3
+1 +2 +3
緋雲斗蓬 緋紅金虎蓬 +5 Alt
Jing wu4 Jing wu5 Jing wu0
+4 +5 Event Only +5


Spring Dragon 玄妙緑龍套 緑風皓綺套
Jing shu1 Jing shu2 Jing shu3
+1 +2 +3
緑鱗斗蓬 緑翠金龍篷 +5 Alt
Jing shu4 Jing shu5 Jing shu0
+4 +5 Event Only +5

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