Cao ren chrono map

Grade: Wei Chronicle Quest

Quest NPC: Historian

Players: 1

S-Rank Time: 5min +

Strat ~

Using the map above and looking at them from left to right ~

  1. From your Start point head South and a Group of troops will appear at the read spots on the Map, defeat them.
  2. Go towards the purple dot (Flask as you go) and find Zhou Yu, and lead him to the Yellow spot on the Map. (he wont vanish at a specific location just ditch him in this area)
  3. Defeat the 5 Warlords marked as yellow dots, the have Super Armor but most are standing by crates which could hold an Imperial Seal.
  4. Head into the castle (Wall will block the entrance so bring damage) head up the stairs onto the wall and quickly jump off the otherside. then head out the east side (again a Wall will block the path) cut through the enemie supply base and Find Zhou Yu by the Purple dot. Lead him back to the 2 red dots. The Red dots are Zhao Yun and Zhuge Liang let the 3 fight each other till they have 1hp (none will die with out you) then finish all 3 off.
Rank Condition Reward
S Time: 5:00+

Battle of Nan Jun Chronicle

Video of Quest

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