Only Faces / Details / Hair that are NOT available during Character Creation will be Included here.

Beauty Treatment

This options lets you pick new feature as shown below, aswell as any old features from character creation. can also change

Hair - Eye's - Skin - Body Size


New Faces

Charming Fglamorus Innocent Sanguine
Charming Glamorous Innocent Sanguine

New Details

Nin mask Flame tats Eye patch Long lashes
Ninja mask Flame Tattos Eyepatch Long Lashes

New Hair

Tbun Wavy Pigtails
Bun Wavy Pigtails
Braided Long Bob cut
Braided Long Bob Cut
New1 New2
Fluffy Raised


New Faces

DWOnline2011-07-2621-45-45-85 DWOnline2011-07-2621-45-46-68 DWOnline2011-07-2621-45-47-81 DWOnline2011-07-2621-45-48-68
Tough Gentle Elegant Confident

New Details

DWOnline2011-07-2621-46-04-23 Dwonline201108062234022 Dwonline201108062233572 DWOnline2011-07-2621-46-07-11
Masked Flame Tatto Eyepatch Goatee

New Hair

Cheer DWOnline2011-07-2621-48-21-73 DWOnline2011-07-2621-48-22-96
Cheerful Casual Neat
DWOnline2011-07-2621-48-24-15 DWOnline2011-07-2621-48-25-19 DWOnline2011-07-2621-48-26-46
Eloquent Dreads Clean-Cut
Hair1 Hair2
Chopped Long Bangs

Thank You Dxpoo & Balmung for the Male Pictures

Make Up

This option lets you revert to your Original Character Creation appearence and costs Gold

Make up

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