Weapon Demonstration Video

Weapon Demo

Musou Lenght

Musou xxx - xxx xxx-xxx xxx-xxx xxx-xxx xxx-xxx xxx-xxx
Number of Hits - - - - - -

This Table lists the Musou stat and how much muosu you will need to increase the minimum number of hits your musou will do. (assuming you use the full lenght of the bar)

Do Note that these numbers may not fully represent the minimum needed to increase the number of hits.

rgb(153, 51, 255)

Blank big Blank Gear small

Item base Item HQ

R4 R4fire R4ice

R4light R4vorp R4Wind

R6 R6fire R6ice

R6light R6vorp R6Wind

This is a game file viewing programme.,g/RPGViewer-3-0-Build1024.html

go to C:\AeriaGames\DynastyWarriorsOnline\LoadData\4004

for the .PNG images of all the ingame images

or C:\Program Files\Koei\Shin SangokuMusou Online\LoadData\0004

for the Japanese version

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