Below is all the Cape's Aquired during the Diao Chan's Plot Scenario.

So far ONLY up to +5 Cape's have appeared on the U.S due to Rank Cap during the Scenario.

Cao Cao's Forces (Wei)

Blue Feather Elite Peacock Radient Pheonix
Wei1 Wei2 Wei3
+1 +2 +3
Indigo Heaven's Indigo Star Glittering Heavn's
Wei4 Wei5 Wei6
+4 +5 +6
Lustrous Phoenix Mantle True Phoenix Mantle Cao Cao
Wei7 Wei8 Wei9
+7 +8 WEI

Sun Jian's Forces (Wu)

Red Fang Elite Tiger Silk Flame
Wu1 Wu2 Wu3
+1 +2 +3
Crimson Fire Fiery Tiger Glittering Flame
Wu4 Wu5 Wu6
+4 +5 +6
Lustorus Scarlet Mantle True Tiger Mantle Sun Jian
Wu7 Wu8 Wu9
+7 +8 WU

Liu Bei's Forces (Shu)

Wind Talon Elite Dragon Silk Jasper
Shu1 Shu2 Shu3
+1 +2 +3
Emerald Sky Lazulite Dragon Glittering Emerald
Shu4 Shu5 Shu6
+4 +5 +6
Lustorus Spring Mantle True Dragon Mantle Liu Bei
Shu7 Shu8 Shu9
+7 +8 SHU

Yuan Shao's Forces

Yello Fur Elite Boar Luminous Silk
Y1 Y2 Y3
+1 +2 +3
Radient Golden Golden Star Glittering Gold
Y4 Y5 Y6
+4 +5 +6
Lustorus Ocher True Boar Mantle Yuan Shao
Y7 Y8 Y9
+7 +8 Noble Force

Dong Zhou's Force's

Violet Horn Elite Kirin Violet Silk
D1 D2 D3
+1 +2 +3
Brilliant Violet Violet Star Glittering Rose
D4 D5 D6
+4 +5 +6
Lustorus Magenta True Kirin Mantle Dong Zhou
D7 D8 D9
+7 +8 Imperial Force's

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