Below is all the capes that can be aquired during the Battle of Yi Ling Scenario

Cao Pi's Forces (Wei)

Blue Heavens Azure Phoenix Phoenix Rising
Wei r1 Wei r2 Wei r3
+1 +2 +3
Azure Flames Phoenix Banner Glittering Phoenix Banner -
Wei r4 Wei r5 Wei r6
+4 +5 +6
- - Cao Pi
Wei r7 Wei r8 Cao pi big
+7 +8 WEI

Sun Quan's Forces (Wu)

Crimson Red Crimson Tiger Tiger Burning
Wu r1 Wu r2 Wu r3
+1 +2 +3
Crimson Flames Tiger Banner Glittering Tiger Banner -
Wu r4 Wu r5 Wu r6
+4 +5 +6
- - Sun Quan
Wu r7 Wu r8 Quanbig
+7 +8 WU

Liu Bei's Forces (Shu)

Verdant Wind Verdant Dragon Dragon Rising
Shu r1 Shu r2 Shu r3
+1 +2 +3
Verdant Flames Dragon Banner Glittering Dragon Banner -
Shu r4 Shu r5 Shu r6
+4 +5 +6
- - Liu Bei
Shu r7 Shu r8 Shu9
+7 +8 SHU

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