Grade: D

Quest NPC: General

Major Domestic Bonus: Technology

Minor Domestic Bonus: Military / Distribution

Players: 1


"I can't believe this has happened, but a spy has managed to steal a secret letter from us. We've locked down the border, so the spy must still be in our territory. If so, we must find him immediately!

The spy will most likely be using a double so we must be sure to catch the real one. I need someone to go find the spy and the letter. Will you do it?"

Strat ~

Kill 1,100 Enemies at Point 1 then kill the Messenger at Point 2 on the Map above

Rank Condition Reward
S Kills: 1100

+4 Combat boots(Male) or +4 Leg Guards(Female) x1, Storm Tear x1, 250 Gold

A Kills: 700 - 1099

+2 Combat Boots(Male) or +2 Leg Guards(Female) x1, Elixir x1

B Kills: 500-669 +1 Combat Boots(Male) or +1 Leg Guards(Female) x1
C Kills: 499-301 400 Gold
D Kills:200-300 300 Gold
E Kills: 199-0 200 Gold


Video Of Quest
DWO Quest - Capture The Messenger03:59

DWO Quest - Capture The Messenger

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