Grade: B

Quest NPC: Generals with bonus to Peace(Must be commanding officer)

Major Domestic Bonus: Peace

Minor Domestic Bonus:Technology/Distribution

Players: 3

Strat ~

For this quest you first have to

  • Kill the 7 underlings
  • Kill the 5 henchmen
  • Kill the 3 fake sisters.

You must first perform some tasks before you can defeat all the underlings. Otherwise they will revive when you defeat them.

Before the three sisters appear, do not break any boxes.

You need the Imperial Seals inside them in order to beat the three sisters.

Player 1

  1. Capture Bases 1 & 2 (Tower Bases)
  2. Defeat the 2 Underlings near the Bases (Pink Dots on Map)
  3. Defeat Diao Chan once she Appears

Player 2

  1. Capture Bases 3 & 4 (100 Troops)
  2. Defeat the 2 Underlings near the Bases (Blue Dots on Map)
  3. Defeat Sun Shang Xiang once she appears

Player 3

  1. Defeat the 5 Henchmen (Red Dots on Map - Rough Positions)
  2. Defeat the 3 Underlings (Orange Dots on Map)
  3. Defeat Zhen Ji once she appears

Players Roles can be swapped between the 3 of you but this is roughly what each person should be doing.

Rank Condition Reward
S Time: 5:00+

Large Flasks x4 Stone Belts x4 Wind Orbs x3 Scale Amulet x4 Claw Amulet x2

A Time: 4:30?

Stone Belt x3 Dragon Amulet x4 Shell Amulet x4

B Unknown

Dragon Amulet x4 Shell Amulet x3

C Unknown Unknown
D Unknown Unknown

Time: 0:25

250 Gold Dragon Amulet x2


Video of Quest
Coming Soon

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