Upon reaching 1000 Honor you can take the Colonel Promotion Quest. from your General under Quests

Grade: C

Major Domestic Bonus: Technology

Minor Domestic Bonus: Military

Map: River Port


  • Kill 500 Enemies
  • Capture 4 Bases
  • Defeat your General


Using Map above, head to the Flask area and flask up untill 350 K.Os then follow the Pink Route, Capture the Bases in the order shown. your K.Os should exceed 500 by the time you have captured the Troops Base.

Then head to your general, again try have Attack x2 on slot and lead your General to a Crate for an Imperial Seal.

Rank & Reward

Rank Reward

Random R3 Weapon with tempers of 6/18 (20200)

Blizzard Orb x2, Blitz Orb x2

Video Guide

都尉昇格試練攻略 無双オンライン動画08:50

都尉昇格試練攻略 無双オンライン動画

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