Personal: Reduces the price of items from the merchant by a small percentage. The reduction is given by the rule Price = Base Price - (3 * Commerce Level)/2, rounded down to the nearest whole number.

Force: Affects the availability of items at merchant.

Commerce Generals





Commerce Quests

Quest Name People Quest Grade Main/Sub S Grade Gain
Gathering Iron 1 E Main +10
Rescue the Daughter 1 E Main +10
Rectified Son 1 E Main +10
The Mathematician 1 E Main +10
The Legendary Wine 1 E Main +10
Black Marketeer 4 D Main +12
Ghosts of the Battlefield 1 D Main +12
Rescue the Apprentice 1 D Main +12
The Mathematician Returns 2 D Main +14
The Seven Wise Men 1 D Main +12
Stop the Black Market 2 D Main +14
Rescue Lu Feng 2 B Main +18
Eliminate the Bandits 2 B Main +18
The Prisoner and Goods 1 D Sub +6
Troublesome Mage 1 D Sub +6
Wealth, Money, Boss 3 D Sub +6
Who's the Bad One? 1 D Sub +6
North and South Dippers 1 C Sub +7
Training at the Stronghold 2 C Sub +8
Training Within the Castle 3 C Sub +7
Communication of the Minds 2 B Sub +9
Insect Collecting 2 B Sub +9
Menacing Troops 1 B Sub +8
Road Maintenance 1 B Sub +8
Weather General 1 A Sub +9

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