Grade: B

Quest NPC: Generals with Military Bonus

Major Domestic Bonus: Military

Minor Domestic Bonus: Technology/Commerce

Players: 2


Strat ~

The first 4 tasks MUST be done at the same time as your Partner.

You will be asked to Capture 2 Bases, and Defeat 2 Defence Captains (Each)

  • 2x 4 Captains Base
  • 2x Tower Base
  • 2x Defence Captains
  • 2x Defence Captains

Pairs are show on Map above.

you will also need to have 300+ K.Os each (DO NOT go over 500 K.Os or you Will fail)

When your partner captures a base a messgae will be displayed stating they have completed their objective.

You have untill this Message dissapears to capture your Base / Defeat your Captain

Once you have completed the Objectives a Commander & Middle Captain will appear in the center of the Map. Defeat them both to end the Quest. (these last 2 don't hae to be killed at the same time) If Middle Captain does not appear then you didnt complete all 4 tasks at the same time.

Rank Condition Reward

Complete the 4 tasks simultaneosly, Defeat 300 troops Defeat the Commander and Middle captain

4 x Storm Card 3 x Remedy 4 x Storage Flask 2 x Blizzard Orb

A -








D -





Partner Reward is 1 rank lower then Rank obtained


Video of Quest
Coming Soon

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