Quest NPC: Master Craftsman

Grade: D

Major Domestic Bonus: Technology

Players: 1 Note: Non-Repeatable

Quest Infromation provided by NPC:

"My own, beloved, personal loom has been stolen by theves... 'They must have been intoxicated by the idea of making beautiful accessories. But those thieves don't know how valuable it truly is. I must get it back at all costs... 'However, I can't leave my post here. Will you go get it back in my stead? If you succeed, I'll give you a piece of crafting furniture.'"

The objective is to take all bases and then defeat the leader.

There is no need to defeat all the officers that appear when you take each base.

All the bases are captain bases so just attack+.will be needed.

once you have taken all of the bases the thieves will reappear in the center of the map,

with only one of them being the leader.

To differentiate the head thief from the others there are two signs.

First, he will glow purple while all the other thieves will be surrounded by blue electricity.

Second, he will have super armor, meaning that your normal attacks will not be able to flinch him.

The other thieves do not have super armor.

Simply kill the head thief and you will S rank the level.

It is impossible to get any other rank than S.

Rank Condition's Reward
S Capture All the Bases then Defeat the Leader

Ore x6

Pot x 1

Loom x 1

Part 1 Part 2
Craftmans 1 Craftman's

As Seen in The Picture Below the Leader Will have the Purple Armor (Lightning)

Armor Type's


Video of Quest