Grade: D

Quest NPC: Any General

(with same Domestic Skill 30+ if not your General)

Major Domestic Bonus: Military

Minor Domestic Bonus: Technology / Peace

Players: 1


"Enemy training facilities have been found near our territory. They have been training troops there. Such facilities will have a negative effect on the morale of our troops. I need these facilities destroyed. Will you do it?"

Strat ~

You must defeat the Spear, Halberd, and Crossbow Drill Captains and then defeat the Commander. You don't need to kill any soldiers or bases (outside of flasking), so you can just rush the Drill Captains. Use the Map above for their locations:

  • Position A - Crossbow Drill Captain
  • Position B - Halberd Drill Captain (Level 2 Armor )
  • Position C - Spear Drill Captain (Level 3 Armor)
  • Position D - Commander (Level 4 Armor) ~ Appears after the previous 3 are defeated.

Rank Condition Reward
S Time: 10:10 R2 Weapon x1, 250 Gold
A Time: 7:00 R1 Weapon x1, Herbal Tea x1
B Time: 5:10 R1 Weapon x1
C Time: 3:20 400 Gold
D Time: 2:50 300 Gold
E Time:2:50- 200 Gold


Video Of Quest


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