Chrono dian map

Grade: Wei Chronicle Quest

Quest NPC: Historian

Players: 1

S-Rank Time: 4min +

Strat - Defeat the Enemies As they Appear then rescue Cao Cao and Escort him back to your base.

Using the Map above -

1. From your Starting point make your way to the Yellow Dots. (flask as you go) and defeat them as you reach them

2. head to the next yellow dot and defeat the officer there (has Level 4 Armor)

3. Defeat the next yellow following the path show (has Level 2 Armor)

4.Dian Wei will appear (Pink Dot) make your way to Dian Wei and wait till Dian Wei retreats. then make Xu Zhu chase you to the Blue Base indicated on the Map.

Rank Condition Reward
S Time: 4:00+

Dian Wei Vs Xu Zhu Chronicle

1 of 4 for /swear Emote


Video of Quest

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