Personal: Increases your chances to receive a random upgrade to an item, weapon or gear found from battle.

Force: Affects the maximum level of items you can acquire from battle and reduces broker fee.

Distribution Generals





  • None

Distribution Quest

Quest Name People Quest Grade Main/Sub S Grade Gain
Troublesome Mage 1 D Main +12
The Red Horse 1 C Main +14
Moon Bond 2 C Main +16
Road Maintenance 1 B Main +16
Rectified Son 1 E Sub +5
The Mathematician 1 E Sub +5
A Soldier Prizes Speed 1 D Sub +6
Capture the Messenger 1 D Sub +6
Ghosts of the Battlefield 1 D Sub +6
The Mathematician Returns 2 D Sub +7
The Smuggling Ring 1 D Sub +6
Failed Yellow Turbans 2 C Sub +8
Mystery of the Will 1 C Sub +7
Pursuit After the Enemy 2 C Sub +8
The Stolen Goods 1 C Sub +7
The Wondrous Spring 1 C Sub +7
Training Within the Castle 3 C Sub +7
Victory Without Fighting 1 C Sub +7
Challenge from the Trio 3 B Sub +8
The Censer of Longevity 1 B Sub +8
The Mysterious Zhang 1 A Sub +9

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