Basic Information


Flask Wheel

Attack Damage Defense Life Musou
6 5 3 2 1

Basic Stats

Weapon Atk Dmg Def Life Mus Spd Jmp Advanced +
Dragon Barbs 47 43 35 170 150 125 140 Drain Guard

Upgrade Stats

Level Weapon Name Atk Dmg Def Life Musou
1 Dragon Barbs +33 +35 +27 +21 +18
2 New Dragon Barbs +36 +38 +30 +24 +21
3 Black Dragon Fangs +39 +41 +33 +27 +24
4 Violet Dragon Claws +42 +44 +36 +30 +27
5 Blood Dragon Talons +45 +47 +39 +33 +30
6 True Crimson Dragon Fang +48 +50 +42 +36 +33


Dragon Barbs & New Dragon Barbs

+ Fire + Ice
DFr1basic DFr1fire DFr1ice
+ Wind + Vorpal + Lightining
DFr1wind DFr1vorpal DFr1light

Black Dragon Fang

+ Fire + Ice
DFr3base DFr3fire DFr3ice
+ Wind + Vorpal + Lightning
DFr3wind DFr3vorpal DFr3light

Violet Dragon Claws

+ Fire + Ice
DFr4basic DFr4fire DFr4ice
+ Wind + Vorpal + Lightning
DFr4wind DFr4vorpal DFr4light

Blood Dragon Talons & True Crimson Dragon Fang

+ Fire + Ice
DFr5base DFr5fire DFr5ice
+ Wind + Vorpal + Lightning
DFr5wind DFr5vorpal DFr5light



Emblem Description Stagger Stun Launch Knockback

Rotation lock

Elemental SA
Thrust Shoot a green orb with the free hand, followed by a slash that causes the orb to explode. C6 launches two orbs that travel in a V-direction. O O


Pierce An extended left to right slash that reaches backwards, followed by a thrust forward creating a blue grounded wave. O (both hits) O (wave) O
Crescent An upward extended slash that summons a slow-moving tornado in front of you. O C6 O
Moon A small somersault forward. While airborn and upside down, you extend your sword and do a clockwise spin with your sword. O
Eclipse A quick anti-clockwise swing with the extended blade causing a lifting shockwave. Ends with a clockwise spin and slash that creates a slicing shockwave. O (first strike) O (second strike) O
Fan A horizontal extended slash, followed by a series of rapid, extended slashes that leaves a green trail. All rapid hits causes collapse. Ends with a left to right slash. O (first slash) O (ending slash) O


Target C1 C6
Thrust Pierce Crescent Moon Thrust Pierce Crescent Moon Fan Eclipse
Confront Good Good Ok Ok Bad Good Good Good Good Ok
Defeat/Capture Ok Ok Good Ok Bad Bad Ok Excellent Ok Excellent


真‧三國無雙Online 2013 03 28 新武器「龍牙鉤」-106:22

真‧三國無雙Online 2013 03 28 新武器「龍牙鉤」-1


Move Set

Attack Description Stagger Stun Knockback Launch Element SA
Charge 2 Two extended upward slashes. O
Charge 3 A series of extended diagonal left and right upward slashes. Ends with extended diagonal left then right downward slashes. O O
Charge 4 A wide extended swing from right to left in an upward direction, followed by slamming the segments of the sword to the ground causing a rain. The rain causes Collapse. O (swing) O (both hits)
Charge 5 Performs a jumping spin while extending the sword, creating a green cyclone around you. O O
Evolution N1>N2>N3>C4. The rain causes collapse. O O O
Jump Charge Spins the extended sword like a helicopter while gliding down. O
Jump Attack A right to left downward scything motion. O
Dash Attack An extended upward slash. O



Type Mobility Juggles? Finisher Description
Musou Low Yes Knockback Repeatedly swings the extended sword around. Each swing creates a whirlwind around you. Ends with an uppercut that creates a whirlwind.
True Musou Musou with added fire damage. Ends with a whirlwind, followed by a jump that creates a green cyclone and an explosion upon landing.

Musou Length

Musou 150-xxx xxx-xxx xxx-xxx xxx-xxx xxx-xxx xxx-xxx
Number of Hits - - - - - -

This table lists the Musou stat and how much Musou you will need to increase the minimum number of hits you will do. (Assuming you use the full length of the bar)

Do note that these numbers may not fully represent the minimum needed to increase the number of hits.

Advanced +

Drain Guard - Succesful guard while this advances is on will make the enemy flinch and lose a bit of their musou.

Motion Damage values

D N1 N2 N3 N4 N5 N6 E6 E7 E8 E9 JN JC C2 C3 C4 C5
Base 12 10 10 12 14 19 22 10 10 12 19+10 8 6*N 17+15 (5+5)*N+5+10e 12e+12e 12e

Thrust Pierce Crescent Moon Fan Eclipse Musou True
C1 C6 C1 C6 C1 C6 C1 C6
Base 7e (10+10)e 6+16e 8+18e 8 12e 5 8 8e+1e*5+10e 15e+15e (15+15)*N+20 (15+15+15)*N+15+20F


  • D = Dash attack, N# = Normal attack, E# = Evolution attack, JN = Jump Normal, JC = Jump Charge, C# = Charge attack, True = True Musou.
  • What do these values mean? They determine how much damage you do per swing. Refer to the Battle Mechanics page for more details.
  • The N in the values represents each hit in multi-hit attacks such as jump charges, C3s, and Musous. The final number is usually the knockback finisher of the combo(if it has one).
  • "Base" represents the damage value of the attack by itself.
  • E8 always causes the enemy to be juggled often causing the E9 hit to do 50% damage. The value that is written in the table is the estimated value that E9 would cause if the enemy was not being juggled.

Temper Suggestion's

Please see the Editable Temper Section HERE and please note that these are Player's Suggestion's based on personal opinion.

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