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To respect Yurisaki's wish and will, from here on all info for DWOZ will be written here: DWOZ Wiki

                                    This wiki will remain up and serve as an archive for the original DWO.

Begginers Weapons Quests Gear Craft11
Beginners Guide Weapons List / Stats Quests Gear List Crafting
Factions LT Item Additional Stats
Generals / Factions Lieutenants Item List / Furniture Additional Information Statistics
Melee SD Campaign Kunlun3 Royale
Melee Battles Showdowns Campaigns Kunlun Mountains Survival Match
NPCs Ranks Guilds Emotesfixed My garden2
NPCs Ranks Guild System Emotes My Garden/Cooking
Battle mech
Ssm7 charas
Battle Mechanics Titles Updates 真・三國無双 7 Guide

For further assisstance ask your Wikia Team - Pan2011 - Bustadwolf

All pictures, Information and characters are copyright of Koei Tecmo and Omega Force

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