Elements can be gained in a few ways in Dynasty Warriors Online.

Each has its own unique attribute. and Activation %. The Advanced + Skill Pheonix will make activation 100% while active.

Table Below Shows Element - What it Does - What it Does when in a Base - Weather that effects it and how

Element Attributes Bases Bonus Weather
Fire Causes DoT to target so long as they remain on Fire Attack & Defence UP Weakens in Rain
Ice Freeze target on the spot (won't Freeze in Air) Defence UP Power Up in Snow. Slight power up in Rain
Lightning Stuns target causeing them to be stuck in one place while stuned. attacks with knockback that trigger element won't have knockback effect. Attack & Speed UP

Power Up in Rain. Slight Power Up in Snow

Wind Slows target (commanders) also when slowed prevents them from jumping and Increases Knockback. Heal % UP Slight Power Up in Rain
Vorpal Deals damage to target while ignoring Defence, Will also drain your and targets Musou bar on contact. and may kill weaker enemies in 1 hit Attack UP not 100% seems stronger at Night (slight Increase)

DoT - Damage over Time

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