Grade: B

Quest NPC: Blacksmith

Major Domestic Bonus: Commerce

Minor Domestic Bonus: Military

Players: 2

Time: 14:55

Strat ~ Eliminate all 8 Bandits and Capture all 8 Bases

Player 1 Handles the Red bases

Player 2 Handles the Yellow Bases Once you have Defeated all 8 and Captured all 8 the Rouge Leader will appear in the Center of the Map

By Defeating a Red/Yellow Bandit the opposite color Bandit will Rally and get stronger. Bases:

  • Troops Bases - Base 1 & Base 6
  • Captain Bases - Base 2, Base 3, Base 5 & Base 7
  • Tower Bases - Base 4 & Base 8

Rank Condition Reward


4x Dragon Amulet, 4x Stone Belt, 3x Ice Orb ,4x Rain Amulet, 2xGinseng, Shanyue Cloth




B -


C -


D -


E -



Video of Quest
Dynasty Warriors Online - Eliminate The Bandits S07:56

Dynasty Warriors Online - Eliminate The Bandits S

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