Chi bi

Grade: Wu Chronicle Quest

Quest NPC: Historian

Players: 1

S-Rank Time: 2:30min +

Strat -

Assit in the Battle of Chi Bi

Using the Map >

  1. Stop the Fighting Between Huang Gai and Zhou Yu
  2. Then head along the Blue Route above and defeat all the Red Troops along the way. (Map will Ping areas)
  3. Then head North to the 2 Yellow Dots and Destroy the 2 Juggernauts
  4. Now head South and Detroy the 2 Juggernauts there
  5. Go Back to where Hunag Gai (HG on Map) was and your find Pang Tong, lead him around all the Pings on the Map eventually he will vanish and the Ships will be inflamed (wont take fire damage)
  6. Next your have to defeat the Captains of the Troops at the 3 Map Pings (3 Purple Dots)
  7. As soon as thats done head to the Green Spot on the Map and Zhang Liao will appear, Lead him to the White Dot (Zhuge Liang) and assist in defeating Zhang Liao.
  8. Quest Complete -

Rank Condition Reward
S Time: 2:30+

False Defection Plot Chronicle


Video of Quest

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