Fame is used to gauge your succes in battles, it's only real use is during Campaigns

Fame is guaged from F - S (F being lowest)


Fame is a hidden number. You will only see the single letter to categorize your fame. Your fame is an indicator of your performance in 4vs4 melee compare to other people.

Every different melee type has their individual fame, for example; if you play a lot of one game type and win 98% of the time, your fame gain in this game type will become very slow by the end. So you will gain faster fame by performing well at other game types.

you can View fame on this screen.

Character Information

You will start at F fame when you begin the game and slowly work your way up.

However Fame can and will go Down depending on performance in battle

Effect of fame:

  • Your opponents in campaign will be matched up with depending on your fame.
  • Certain room in showdown are limited to certain fame.
  • Your salary will increase with higher fame.

Fame can only change after a 4vs4 melee.

Amount of fame needed for each level:

Fame Amount


E 1000-2999
D 3000-5999
C 6000-9999
B 10000-14999
A 15000-19999
S 20000+

Fames effect in Campaign

You will be matched up with enemy players based on your fame and the number of consectuive wins you have. It is the average of all players in the party/group. So if you have a high number of consecutive wins you will be matched up with other people with high consecutive wins.

A Party with high Fame will face people with equal level of Fame.

This is to prevent more experianced players fighting new players.

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