Fire Elelment

Fire Element - Raw item used for Crafting

Comes in 3 Variations

+1 +2 +3


Includes Recipes using this Item and that make this item.

Version Item 1 Item 2 Ore Gold Level Special Creation
Fire Element+1 Fire Element Fire Element 0 50 1 Fire Element +2
Fire Element+2 Fire Element+1 Fire Element+1 0 50 2 Fire Element +3
Fire Element+3 Fire Element+2 Fire Element+2 0 300 3
Fire Orb Fire Element+1 Crafting Sphere 1 50 2
Inferno Orb Fire Element+3 Crafting Sphere 2 300 4

Gold is only used if crafting on the Communal Pot.

Raw Item Creations Require different Cultivate Levels to Aquire the Recipe.

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