Flasks are used along with your Flask Wheel to activate your Tempers

Slot 1 = 1 Flask

Slot 2 = 2 Flasks (per ✰)

Slot 3 = 3 Flasks (per ✰)

Slot 4 = 4 Flasks (per ✰) ~ Slot 4 Is Lieutenant Slot (unless in Showdowns or Mt. Kunlun )

Slot 5 = 5 Flasks (per ✰)

Slot 6 = 6 Flasks (per ✰)

Slot 7 = 7 Flasks (per ✰) ~ Slot 7 is ALWYAS Combo Upgrade for 3 ✰ Then it Becomes your Weapons Advanced +

Little Fact about Flasks

1st Flask that Drops will always be Attack x2

2nd Flask that drops (While Flask 1 is still on screen) Will be Defence x2

3rd Flask that drops (While flask 1&2 are still on screen) Will be Speed x2

Loops Back to Attack.

Using this method it is simple to get attack x2 on Any Slot you require.

For slot 3 -

Make 3 Flasks appear 1 by 1

Collect First Flask last

For Slot 5 -

Make 4 Flasks appear collect them all, then make just 1 appaear and collect it.

If you leave Flasks laying around on the battlefield they will still count towards the order above, so if you leave 1 flask anywhere on the map until it vanishes, your first flask to appear will be Defence.

So you will need to make another 2 appear to get attack.

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