Front promo map

Upon reaching 10,000 Honor you can take the Front General Promotion Quest.

From your General under Quests

Grade: A

Major Domestic Bonus: Technology

Minor Domestic Bonus: Military




(Using Map)

  1. Tower Base
  2. 4 Captain Base
  3. Officer Base
  4. 100 Troops Base

First bring a Hurricane Card as you will start in a barricaded area. head out towards the Yellow Troops first. You will only see Archers around you when your free, go past them and you will see troops, k.o around the base untill your fully flasked. Then proceed to capture the 2 Bases in the Yellow area and 2 Bases in the Red area.

Once captured K.O untill 750+ and head towards where your General will appear. K,O as you head up the path and once you reach 800, 2 Officers will appear (as marked above) defeat them both.

Once both are down your General will appear. there should be several Crates around the area so use the usual stratagey of Imperial Seal / Attack x2.

Rank & Reward

Rank Reward

+2 Cape of your Faction, Random level 4 Weapon, Can use R5 Weapons

Video Guide

Coming Soon

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