Fu Xi
052 Fu Xi
Character information
Force(s) : Kunlun Forces
Weapon Type : Great Sword
Advanced + : Boundary
Historical information
Real name : Fúxī
Chinese name : 伏羲

Fu Xi is based on the first ruler of China in Chinese mythology, as well as Nu Wa 's brother and husband.

In the Dynasty Warriors series, he is 18 years old and his height is 183 cm (6'). His height in the Warriors Orochi series is 180 cm (approximately 5'11").

Character Information


Implied to have originally been an enthusiastic and brave youth, Fu Xi matures into a resolute and debonair individual. He is usually modest of his divine origin and prefers to be a little more practical in his methods, sparing usage of his sorcery unless he fights against other supernatural beings. Compared to his mystic comrades, he has an early appreciation for humanity yet is hesitant to join them immediately. He feels they need to prove their worth to him and Fu Xi tries to play the part of observer like other mystics. However, he lacks the patience to stick to the role for long and is eager to join the fight himself. Based on his dialogue with Nu Wa, he is the stronger of the two cultured mystics. Therefore, if he encounters her as an enemy, Fu Xi promises to hold back for her.

Character Symbolism

Fu Xi's third weapon is originally named after the Four Gods. His sword embodies the power of all four divine beasts with each strike. His fourth weapon is named after him and, given that he is one of the Three Sovereigns in Chinese history (one of the lords who started civilization), it's actually quite impressive. One account of his birth has his mother being impregnated purely from a god's footstep. Substituting for Suiren, a legendary inventor of fire, he became the emperor. Whilst in rule, he invented the Ba gua, used a spider's silk to teach people to fish, and domesticated animals for cooking. In a few accounts, his surname was actually Feng. Due to the people frequently bowing and groveling (伏) to worship him, Fu Xi became his well-known nickname. Other names are said to have been created in honor of his contributions to the people. Within various mythological tales, nearly all divine beings kowtow before him and treat him with the highest pinnacle of respect.


Fu Xi's Weapon of Choice is the Great Sword

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