List of all Furniture in the Game (all servers)

Any Furniture that is Underlined is only obtainalble for AP

Any Furniture that is Italic is not avalible on English Server or Unreleased

Furniture List

System Furniture - Decorative Furniture with Interactive Menus (Beds etc.)

Storage Furniture - Used to store Weapons, Items, Clothes  (Armory etc.)

Crafting Furniture - Used for crafting (Loom etc.)

Guild Furniture - Furniture for the Guild Room

Simple Furniture - Decorative (Tables & Chairs)

Decorative Furniture - Decorative (Vases, Dragon Boats, etc.)

Seasonal Furniture - Decorative (Christmas Tress etc.)

Furniture - Snowmen - Decorative (Snowmen)

Wall Scroll Furniture - Decorative (For the Walls!)

Statue Furniture - Decorative (Life size generals <3)

Garden Furniture  - Decorative (Green Thumbs)

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