Gathering iron

Grade: E

Quest NPC: Blacksmith

Major Domestic Bonus: Commerce

Minor Domestic Bonus: Technology

Players: 1

Time: 9:56
"I actually need you to do me a favor... I'm all out of iron. I can't do business without it...You go to the battlefield often, don't you? Can you bring me back some enemy weapons? I need a lot of iron. At least 200 weapons ought to do it. Come back to me after you've finished. I'll be sure to show you my appreciation!"

Start ~

Capture a base to make Troops appear and then reach 950 K.Os

There is lot's of opinions about how BEST to do this Quest, Scroll Down and Watch the Video of a 1 base stratagey.

Rank Condition Reward
S 950 Kills 600 Gold
A 600 Kills 300 Gold
B 500 Kills 250 Gold
C 400 Kills 200 Gold
D 300 Kills 150 Gold
E 200 Kills 100 Gold


The Video is a 1 Base, stater Spear. S-Rank

Video Of Quest