Gems are used to Temper Weapons or Modding Weapons

Types of Gems
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Amber - Attack Yellow Orb - Damage Jade - Defence
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Blue Orb - Life Ruby - Musou

There are three different ways you can acquire gems in the game.

  • Find them in Item Pouches on the map. Item pouches can be found in boxes. Each map contains at least two boxes containing item pouches, you will know what was in the item pouch after the battle. However, picking up an item pouch may not always result in a gem, but instead a consumable item.
  • Retrieve them as spoils of war after a melee (Including Mock). You can obtain gems from both melee battles that you are victorious, and battles in which your team is defeated. Also in the Arena you will always receive one item at the end of the battle, which includes gems.
  • Buy them from the item mall.

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