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Basic Information

Flask Wheel

Attack Damage Defense Life Musou
3 1 5 2 6

Basic Stats

Weapon Atk Dmg Def Life Mus Spd Jmp Advanced +
Glaive 47 48 40 180 140 120 130 Recovery Guard

Upgrade Stats

Level Weapon Name Atk Dmg Def Life Musou
1 Glaive +24 +16 +31 +26 +31
2 Iron Glaive +27 +19 +34 +29 +34
3 Great Glaive +30 +22 +37 +32 +37
4 Tiger Hook +33 +25 +40 +35 +40
5 White Tiger +36 +28 +43 +38 +43
6 True White Tiger +39 +31 +46 +41 +46


Glaive & Iron Glaive

+ Fire + Ice
Glaive r2 Glaive r2 f Glaive r2 i
+ Wind + Vorpal + Lightining
Glaive r2 w Glaive r2 v Glaive r2 l

Great Glaive

+ Fire + Ice
Glaive r3 Glaive r3 f Glaive r3 i
+ Wind + Vorpal + Lightning
Glaive r3 w Glaive r3 v Glaive r3 l

Tiger Hook

+ Fire + Ice
Glaive r4 Glaive r4 f Glaive r4 i
+ Wind + Vorpal + Lightning
Glaive r4 w Glaive r4 v Glaive r4 l

White Tiger & True White Tiger

+ Fire + Ice
Glaive r6 Glaive r6 f Glaive r6 i
+ Wind + Vorpal + Lightning
Glaive r6 w Glaive r6 v Glaive r6 l



Emblem Description Lift Knockback Drop Stagger Stun Elemental SuperArmor
Thrust Create a ball of fire that explodes after a few seconds. O Fire C6
Pierce A wide left to right swing, With additional right to left swing that creates a torrent of energy that moves forwards. O O -
Crescent Swing right to left, lifting target then thrust the width of the weapon forwards creating an energy shield that repels frontal targets. O O C6 (last hit) O
Moon Stab the ground in front of you creating a fisure effect, then pulls weapon out of the ground creating an AoE effect that throws target upwards. O C6
Eclipse Creates a large red vortex around you that sends targets flying high and away. O O O
Fan Jumping slam that creates a earth shattering effect. O O O


Target C1 C6
Thrust Pierce Crescent Moon Thrust Pierce Crescent Moon Fan Eclipse
Confront Good Ok Bad Excellent Bad Bad Bad Good Good Good
Defeat/Capture Excellent Ok Bad Excellent Good Bad Bad Good Good Good


Weapon Demo
DWO - Glaive Chibi Sloppy Mix XD04:08

DWO - Glaive Chibi Sloppy Mix XD

Move Set

Attack Description Lift Knockback Stun Collapse Stagger Element SA
Charge 2 Swinging Uppercut O
Charge 3 Left to right and right to left swings O O (last hit)
Charge 4 Powerfull spinning roundhouse kick O O
Charge 5 small hop thrusting the weapon length ways into the ground creating an AoE O O
Evolution N3 > N4 > C4 O O
Jump Charge Flipping weapon slam O
Jump Attack Sideways swipe O
Dash Attack Quick run forward with glaive held in front O



Type Attributes Description
Musou Low Mobility, No Juggle, Knockback finisher. Multi directional swings followed by a hit with the back of the weapon which releases red energy and ends with a large swing.
True Musou Musou with added fire damage, Ends with a large swing creating a Vortex of energy all around you.

Musou Length

Musou 140-xxx xxx-xxx xxx-xxx xxx-xxx xxx-xxx xxx-xxx
Number of Hits - - - - - -

This table lists the Musou stat and how much Musou you will need to increase the minimum number of hits you will do. (Assuming you use the full length of the bar)

Do note that these numbers may not fully represent the minimum needed to increase the number of hits.

Advanced +

Recovery Guard - Blocked Hits restore HP

Motion Damage Values

D N1 N2 N3 N4 N5 N6 E6 E7 E8 E9 JN JC C2 C3 C4 C5
Base 12 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 8 12 17 (5+5)*N+10e 17e 12e

Thrust Pierce Crescent Moon Fan Eclipse Musou True
C1 C6 C1 C6 C1 C6 C1 C6
Base 5F 8F 8+10 10+14 8+10 10+12e 15 18e 10e 20e 15*N+15+20 15*N+20
  • D = Dash attack, N# = Normal attack, E# = Evolution attack, JN = Jump Normal, JC = Jump Charge, C# = Charge attack, True = True Musou.
  • What do these values mean? They determine how much damage you do per swing. Refer to the Battle Mechanics page for more details.
  • The N in the values represents each hit in multi-hit attacks such as jump charges, C3s, and Musous. The final number is usually the knockback finisher of the combo(if it has one).
  • "Base" represents the damage value of the attack by itself.
  • E8 always causes the enemy to be juggled often causing the E9 hit to do 50% damage. The value that is written in the table is the estimated value that E9 would cause if the enemy was not being juggled.

Temper Suggestion's

Please see the Editable Temper Section HERE and please note that these are Player's Suggestion's based on personal opinion.

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