Upon reaching 500,000 Honor you can take the Governor General Promotion Quest. from your General under Quests Grade: S

Major Domestic Bonus: All +22

Minor Domestic Bonus: None

Map: Marsh


  • Kill 1100 Enemies
  • Capture 4 Bases
  • Defeat 3 Elite Guards
  • Defeat your General


(using Map) - Bring Mounted Elephant if have one, if not a Hurricane Card.

(Elephant) Enter Base 3 and Mount your Elephant. Use the Elephant to capture the Tower Base, then head towards the K.O Area (stay mounted) and Break the wall in the way, now dismount and K.O until you are fully flasked. - Elephant allows you to bring a Attack heavy weapon that has no damage. will still need speed.

(Hurricane) Head through Base 3 towards the K.O Area, Break the wall in the way, now dismount and K.O until you are fully flasked.

Once your Flasked head back and Capture Bases 1 (Troops) & 2 (Officer) then go back to the K.O Area untill 1050 K.Os, then head to Base 4 (4 Captain) and Capture it.

Head towards the eastern most Elite Guard (get any remaining K.Os if needed) then Kill them in an Clockwise direction. (they have level 4 Armor)

Finally your General will appear, use the Imperial Seal Attack x2 Method to defeat them. there is a creat to the east of base 4 towards the Elite Guards location.

Rank & Reward

Rank Reward

+ 7 Cape of your Faction,

Video Guide

Coming Soon

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