Grand gen

Upon reaching 1,000,000 Honor you can take the

Grand Marshal Promotion Test . from your General under Quests Grade: S

Major Domestic Bonus: Technology

Minor Domestic Bonus: Military

Map: Island


  • Kill 1300 Enemies
  • Capture 4 Bases
  • Defeat 3 Elite Guards
  • Defeat your General


Your start outside Base 1 (Tower Base) enter the base and Trap your Lieutenant inside. (or use a mountable Elephant to take the base right at the start and you wont need damage on your weapon). Then start by heading to the Yellow troops (K.O Area) and kill till about 1100-1150 K.Os.

Once you have your K.Os head back to Base 1 and finish it off, then capture Base 2 (Officer) - Base 4 (100 troops) - Base 5 (4 Captains). Once bases 1,2,4 are captured a large amount of red troops will appear around Base 5. (use these to get any remaining K.Os you may need)

Now 3 Elite Guards will appear to the East (Yelow dots on Map) defeat them. They have armor and good def/life however the will flinch to your normal attacks.

Finally your General will Appear, he/she will be on the Wall so your have to enter the area and head up the stairs. (they will be at the top of the stairs) Lead them to the Crate (shown on map) and use Imperial Seal / Attackx2 to defeat them.

Rank & Reward

Rank Reward

+ 8 Cape of your Faction

Video Guide

Coming Soon

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