Guan Yu
Guna Yu
Character information
Force(s) : Liu Bei's Forces
Weapon Type : Crescent Blade
Advanced + : Toughness
Historical information
Real name : Guān Yǔ
Chinese name : 关羽 - 關羽
Style Name : Yúncháng
Chinese name : 雲長 - 云长
長生 - 长生
Born : ?
Died : 219

Guan Yu is One of the Five Tiger Generals of Shu, he's also an Oath Brother to Zhang Fei and Liu Bei Since they share the same family name, he also adopted Guan Ping. Guan Yu is said to have a beautiful long beard and a long blade, earning him the nickname "Beautiful Beard". To this day, Guan Yu is worshiped by many Asians as Guan Di, the God of War, Justice and Righteousness.

In the Dynasty Warriors series, he is 30 years old and his height is 205 cm (6'9 1/2")

General Information

While Serving Guan Yu you will gain

Domestic Bonus - Commerce + 10

Battle Bonus - Attack + 7


Guan Yu is a stalwart general who firmly believes in justice and virtue. Normally calm and benign, he stands with an air of noble dignity and has respectful manners. A man who also excels in literary studies, he gains many admirers from each kingdom with his might and has earned the nickname "God of War". In the Asian script, he speaks in an archaic tone befitting a warrior.

His indomitable loyalty to his brothers is his first and foremost duty in life. He will not abandon either one of them and treasures each one with unfaltering confidence. He acts as the calm advisor to Zhang Fei and as the faithful middle brother to Liu Bei. Guan Yu calls them different forms of "Brother", but he is known to sometimes call Zhang Fei by his full name. Before they swore brotherhood, Guan Yu had already thought highly of Liu Bei and called him "Lord Liu Bei". He acts as a good father figure for Guan Ping, and he may become self-sacrificing for his son's safety.

He gains new friends during his time in Wei, some of whom include Cao Cao, Zhang Liao and Xu Huang. In a few titles, Guan Yu's courage can even make his enemies at Fan Castle praise him. The attention he gets as one of the land's greatest warriors doesn't suit Xiahou Dun very well, though Guan Yu bears no ill will towards the former and has always considered the one eyed general to be one of his good friends.

Quest's Started By Guan Yu

Stop the Black Market - 3 Player Quest

Destroy the Facility - 1 Player Quest

Capture the Messenger - 1 Player Quest

A Soldier Prizes Speed - 1 Player Quest

疑惑の深い森 - 2 Player Quest


Guan Yu's Weapon of Choice is the Crescent Blade