Upon reaching 200 Honor you can take the Guard Promotion Quest.


Kill 500 Enemies then Defeat the Instructor


This Quest's is rather Simple even with only a Basic R1 Spear.

simply go around Killing Soldiers and Flask Attack, Try and get yourself into Red health then Flask Defence.

once your close to 500 K.O.s get an Attack x2 on your Flask Wheel

Once Instructor appears go over and hit him a few time's then use your Muosu and Attack x2

Note: If you fail the guard promotion test 3 times, the instructor will automatically promote you to guard. You still get a reward weapon as well.

Rank & RewardEdit

Rank Reward

Choice of a Level 2 Weapon with a temper of 13/15. 3 stars in attack, 1 star in damage, and 3 stars in defense.

Video GuideEdit

DWO Guard Promotion Quest

DWO Guard Promotion Quest