Lt col

Upon reaching 500 Honor you can take the Lieutenant Colonel Promotion Quest. taken from your General under Quests

Grade: C Major Domestic Bonus: Technology Minor Domestic Bonus: Military Map: Castle


Capture 4 Bases(4 Captain) and Defeat your General


Using the Map above. Capture Bases along the route provided. All bases are 4 Captain bases. when fighting your General use the crates to get an Imperial Seal. Try and have an attack x2 as well.

Caution - If your General Has Hyper Armor then your Musou will not stop there movement or knock them away at the end.

Rank & Reward

Rank Reward

A random level 3 Weapon with tempers of 2/14 (10100)

Inferno Orb x2, Tornado Orb x2

Video Guide

Coming Soon

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