A Musou board is given to you after "The First Battle" Quest


The Musou Board (as above) requires Stamps, you get stamps by Visiting a General (can get a new stamp every 24 real hours) Every 5 Stamps will get you an Item. (go to any officer and select "Submit Musou Board"). The Item Gained is Displayed on the Musou board (Which can be viewed in the menu Under Info > Musou Board)

A Musou Board holds 30 Stamps, upon completion of the board and Collection of all the Items you will be given a New Musou Board.

After Gaining 60 Musou Board Stamps and handing them in (2 Full Boards) you will be gifted a Reincarnation Orb by Zuo Ci (after Collecting any un claimed Items left on your board, Exit the Courtyard to any of the Plazas)

Each faction has its own stamp.

using the above Picture from left to Right.

  • Cao Cao (Wei)
  • Sun Jian (Wu)
  • Liu Bei (Shu)
  • Yuan Shao
  • Dong Zhou

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