My GardenEdit

With the release of Dynasty Warriors Online - Dragon Strike you will be able to plant flowers in your garden. An expansion for your garden can be bought at the cost of 2400 AP to add a second Garden with additional plots and increased maximum number of plants you can have.

My garden


Seed BagsEdit

All seed bags can be obtained in 3 ways (unless otherwise noted):

  • Regular battle spoils (Melees, Campaigns, Showdowns, Survival Match)
  • Gifts from Lieutenant
  • Exchange with Old Coins at the Kunlun Nymph (Only Peach, Weeping Plum, Chinese peony, Iris, Sunflower, and Lily seeds are available to exchange with Kunlun Nymph)Not currently available

Some quests will also give seeds as a reward. However, not all types of seeds are available as quest rewards.

The Antiques Dealer sells all Lv2 plants that are currently available in the game. Lv2 plants are not really seeds, but rather they are sprouts. You will miss out on the Lv1 -> Lv2 Cultivate EXP gain if you buy plants from the Antiques Dealer.

Different seed bag colors reflect the harvest item color that will be used to fuse in order to create Colored Dye as part of creating Colored Fabric used for creating Legendary Beast gear pieces (e.g. Dragon Gears). Some colors have multiple types of plants associated with a particular color. Therefore, the same colored bag can mix with more than one type of harvest item to create colored dyes, bags that are by themselves can mix with itself or a crafting sphere.

Bellflowers seed (Flower)

Palm seed (Tree)
Willow seed (Tree)

Lantern plant seed (Flower)
Blue seed bag Green seed bag Oranage seed bag
Peach seed (Tree) Chinese Peony seed (Flower)
Iris seed (Flower)
Weeping Plum seed (Tree)
Tree Peony seed (Flower)
Strawberry seed (Flower)
Pink seed bag Purple seed bag Red seed bag
Lily seed (Flower) Sunflower seed (Flower)
White seed bag Yellow seed bag

Note: Peach seed is the only plant currently that can go up to Lv 5, the rest stop at Lv 4. Additionally when planted it will be typoed as Pearch.

Plant StagesEdit

Lv1 SeedsEdit

Flower (and Peach) Plant, Tree
Flowerbed Leafbed


Lv2 (Sprout) Lv3 (Bud) Lv4 (Fully Grown) Lv5 (Withered)
Tree 1
Tree 4
Tree 2
Tree 3
Tree 5
Tree 6
Tree 7
Tree 13
Tree 14
Tree 15
Tree 16
Tree 20
Tree 17
Tree 18
Tree 19

Peach TreesEdit

Lv1 Lv2 Lv3
Tree 8
Tree 9
Lv4 (Peach Flower) Lv5 (Peach Fruit) Lv6 (Withered Peach Tree)
Tree 10
Tree 11
Tree 12


Lv2 (Sprout) Lv3 (Bud) Lv4 (Fully Grown) Lv5 (Withered)
Plant 2
Plant 3
Plant 4
Plant 5
Plant 6
Plant 7
Plant 8
Plant 9
Plant 10
Plant 11
Plant 12
Plant 13
Plant 14
Plant 15
Plant 16
Plant 17
Plant 18
Plant 19
Plant 20
Plant 21
Plant 22
Plant 23
Plant 24
Plant 25
Plant 26
Plant 27
Plant 28
Plant 29
Plant 30
Plant 31
Plant 32
Plant 33

Caring for your PlantsEdit

For plants to grow they need to be watered, when you water your plants you will use 1 Zest point in the process. Fertilizer can be used to count as 5 waterings for the cost of 1 Zest point. All players start with 25 Zest, but this limit will increase every 5th Cultivate level. Zest is fully replenished daily at 6AM EDT/EST (GMT-4/-5 respectively). Zest will also be restored when you level up your Cultivate skill. A maximum of 65 Zest will be restored upon level up.

In the below image, you can see the plants growth progress. This will rise as you water it (or friends caring for your plant).

Click HERE for a table of EXP Required per Cultivate Level

Plant health

Watering Wait TimesEdit

Plant Level Wait Time Number of Waterings for level up(with no help) Level up EXP Harvest EXP
1 1 min 5 - -
2 5 mins 10 1 -
3 10 mins 15 1 -
4 20 mins 15 2 2
5 30 mins - 2 2
6 (not implemented) 40 mins
7 (not implemented) 50 mins
8 (not implemented) 60 mins
9 (not implemented) 70 mins
10 (not implemented) 80 mins


When a plant reaches level 4 you are able to harvest it which is denoted by a basket symbol to the left of its name. When plants can be harvested they will have a 2 week limit(real life not in-game) to be harvested(Peach Tree can extend the time limit if leveled up to level 5). Mulch can be used to increase the time a harvest able plant can live. What happens if you don't harvest before the allotted time?


It will wither and die, however you can harvest the withered plant to get the seed bag used for it back so you can replant(useful if you have trouble getting certain seed bags). Note that harvesting withered plants will give 1 Cultivate EXP as opposed to 2.

Planting and OrganizingEdit

As shown in the image you can see the tile arrangement for plots on where you can plant seeds. As there are 2 different kinds of seeds(Trees and Flowers) they have a different amount of space they can take up when they are planted. Trees will take up 4 spaces while flowers take up 1. Trees can't be put directly near each other while flowers can be put under trees.

Note: Whatever is planted you cannot remove it, the only way to remove a plant you don't want is to harvest it.

A fair warning, full-size growing trees (level 3 trees) and fully-grown trees (level 4+ trees) except Palm Trees, can make frame rate drop heavily due to tree rendering on slower computers. Therefore, it is wise not to plant too many trees at once in your garden (especially if you have low frame rate in-town and such)

Rewards for Gardening? Whats the Point of This?Edit

This can be considered as a side activity to take a break after questing, battling, and such. There are recipes that are exclusively associate to Garden actions. Therefore, you must do gardening to gain more recipes.

Caring your friend's plants can randomly net you Garden EXP, various items, regular weapon gems, and even Ores! (However, the chance to get better items are not really associate with Distribution Domestic stats... So, this indeed may sound like Farm Ville, but... more friends you have that doing My Garden, more chances to get items from Garden and also actually gain Garden Level faster as well... (since helping friends' gardens can possibly gain 1 Garden EXP per friend garden per day, so having 100 garden friends will net Garden EXP from helping friends' gardens up to 100 EXP in a day!)

Also, the recipes to craft Colored Dye and Colored Fabric are only obtained via Gardening period! Garden is also the main source of Oreless Recipes so you can raise Item Crafting all the way to Lv 50 without consuming or buying any Ores!

Sadly, garden does not give you any of the new Chi Gems that are used for chi imbuing nor does it give any other Support Items (aka. Item mall Items).

Palm tree leaf Willow leaf Peach blossom
Sapling1 Sapling2 Sapling3
Plum blossom Chinese Peony flower Bellflower flower
Sapling4 Sapling5 Sapling6
Iris flower Sunflower flower Lily flower
Sapling7 Sapling8 Sapling9
Tree Peony
Sapling10 Fruit
Lantern plant fruit Peach fruit Strawberry fruit
Fruit2 Peach Strawberry

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