Myst will map2

Grade: C

Quest NPC: Bar Manager

Major Domestic Bonus: Technology

Minor Domestic Bonus: Distribution

Players: 1

Time: 14:55

Help solve the Mystery of the Will

Strat ~

Your Start next to Lin Lin, head into the Castle and K.O about 320 Troops. (Break the far right barricade if you have the chance.)

Now head to Point 1, a message will mention the Springs.

Head left to the (Circled area) and defeat all the troops around the Spring, do the same on the right side then head back to point 1. (once all troops around a spring are defeated blue troops will appear around point 1.) Stand still by Point 1 to find a Letter.

Return to Lin Lin (try and have a Max Speed on Flask the higher the better) she will read the Letter. procced to any of the Tree sets (marked above)

You will have to stand still inbetween a set of Tress along the moat area of the Castle. Lin Lin will say "That area looks a little suspicious...". After 2-5sec you will either find a Rod or Nothing. Were looking for the Rod. if you don't find it the first time move to the next set of trees.

You have to complete this in under 1min. if you do Lin Lin will say. "Wow, are you psychic or something?". If she doesn't say that, then you did not complete the objective fast enough, and can not get S-Rank

Once you find the Rod run to Lin Lin stop for half a sec and then run to the Bottom Right Base. and enter it. wait in the Base untill you find a Memoir. Lin Lin will say "Wow! You're so fast!" if you did this in under 1min. If you don't get this message from lin Lin then again no S-Rank.

Finally Make Sure you have 500+ K.Os then head back to Lin Lin.

Rank Condition Reward
S Kills 500+ complete all tasks - with both correct responses from Lin Lin.

Storm Card x 5 Herbal Tea x 2

White Tiger Fur Recipe

A Kills 500+ complete all tasks

Storm Card x4 Herbal Tea x1

B Kills under 500 complete all tasks

Storm Card x3

C -

Storm Card x1 250 Gold

D -

Storm Card x1, 100 Gold

E -



Video of Quest
Coming Soon

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