List of NPCs

Name of NPC What They Do
Melee Receptionist Start a quick Melee, or create a custom game.
Clerk Used to start Quests and Mock Battles.
Marshal Marshal takes you to the Melee map and also Campaign map
Sergeant Start or join an Arena Match or join a Showdown!
Messenger Handles guild related matters
Broker Broker. Buy/Sell weapons, items & gear to other players.
Antiques Dealer Sells AP related Items
Merchant Sells items and buys items, gear, weapons, furniture & gems
Tailor Activate locked gear & repair elemental durability on gears.
Blacksmith Mod/Unlock/Temper/Repair Weapons
Beautician Change your appearance with AP/Gold (Gold is make up only)
Peach Nymph Teleport to Peach Garden or allied faction. (Access Kunlun Mountains)
Master Craftsman Learn all about the communal crafting area
Administrator Learn all about the Grand Master system or request an audience with one
"Generals" Chief Handles quest rewards, stipend when general is not in office.
Helpful Warrior Can tell you all kinds of information about the game
Petty Official Tells you all about the Market
Bar Manager Access Quests from the Bar Manager
Bar Keep Used to access special internet store quests (no use on US server)
Bar Maid Tells you all about the Tavern
Historian Access Chronicle Quests
Tournament Master Sign up, deploy and receive rewards for Melee Tournaments
Preceptor Access INFO: Quests
Instructor Access CHAL: Quests and training
Proctor Access training quests and weapon testing quest
Kunlun Nymph Access Kunlun Mountains
Lieutenant Trainer Teaches your mount lieutenants new skills
Battle Royale Master Set's up battles for Battle Royale

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