North south mapp

Grade: C

Quest NPC: Bar Manager

Major Domestic Bonus: Technology

Minor Domestic Bonus: Commerce

Players: 1

Time: 18:55

Prerequisite: The Wondrous Spring & The Red Horse

"When all Six Stars and Seven Stars have disappeared, and the two mystic figurines still remain, something will happen... But one of the stars must not be made to disappear first."

Strat ~

You will have to defeat 13 officers except 2 mystics.

You have to make the North Stars (Letters) and Southern Stars (Numbers) Vanish at the same time.

To do this you must kill the Pairs dictated in the relation patterns below. you DO NOT have to kill them in the Order Written. and you MUST kill the person without a PAIR befor you kill the FINAL PAIR.

So Kill Qi Sha and see who dissapears from the North.

Work out the relation pattern.

Kill the South Side listed first.

Then head north

Kill the Spare first to prevent mistakes.

then kill the rest of the pairs

but DO NOT kill the 2 Mystics. (they will be outside the supply bases off the normal route.)

Also the names here are correct so please be carefull when killing Tian Xiang and Liang lol

North South:
A: Tan Long 1: Qi Sha
B: Ju Men 2: Tian Xiang
C: Lu Cun 3: Tian Tong
D: Wen Qu 4: Tian Ji
E: Lian Zhen 5: Tian Liang
F: Wu Qu 6: Tian Fu
G: Po Jun 7: Mystic
H: Mystic

First Defeat Qi Sha and watch who dissappears from the North Side:

This will give you the correct Relation Pattern.

North Wu Qu disappears: 'Relation 1'

  1. South: Qi Sha → North: Wu Qu
  2. South: Tian Xiang → North: Lian Zhen
  3. South: Tian Ji → North: Lu Cun
  4. North: Ju Men → South: Tian Liang
  5. North: Wen Qu → South: Tian Tong
  6. North: Tan Long → South: Tian Fu
  7. North: Po Jun

North Tan Long disappears: 'Relation 2'

  1. South: Tian Ji → North: Ju Men
  2. South: Qi Sha → North: Tan Long
  3. South: Tian Liang → North: Wen Qu
  4. North: Lian Zhen → South: Tian Tong
  5. North: Lu Cun → South: Tian Fu
  6. North: Po Jun → South: Tian Xiang
  7. North: Wu Qu

No one disappears: 'Relation 3'

  1. South: Tian Tong → North: Ju Men
  2. South: Tian Fu → North: Po Jun
  3. South: Tian Xiang → North: Wu Qu
  4. North: Lu Cun → South: Qi Sha
  5. North: Lian Zhen → South: Tian Liang
  6. North: Tan Long → South: Tian Ji
  7. North: Wen Qu

Simply defeat all the pairs to complete the Quest.

Rank Conditions Rewards
S Complete the quest without killing

the North Star or South Star Mystics

Lantern plant seed x5

Lightning Orb x2

A Complete the quest but kill the

North or South Star Mystics once

Hua Tuo's Journal x4Scale Amulet x1
B Complete the quest but kill the

North or South Star Mystics twice

Hua Tuo's Journal x3Scale Amulet x1
C - -
D - -
E - -


Video of Quest
Dynasty Warriors Online - North and South Dippers S04:57

Dynasty Warriors Online - North and South Dippers S

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