Nu Wa
Character information
Force(s) : Kunlun Forces
Weapon : Light Sword
Advanced + : Boundary
Historical information
Real name : Nǚwā
Chinese name : 女媧

Nu Wa is based on a Serpent Goddess in Chinese mythology who was the sister and wife of Fu Xi, as well as the first empress of China.

In the Dynasty Warriors series, she is 18 years old and her height is 161 cm (a little over 5'3").

Character Information


Originally implied to be a cheerful and optimistic individual, Nu Wa is a suave and composed woman of grace. Not willing to disclose herself to others easily, she is proud of her immortality and condescends any who stand against her. In time, she finds humans to be amusing and believes in their capabilities.

Character Symbolism

Nu Wa's weaponry in the Dynasty Warriors series follows the same naming motif as Fu Xi's, meaning that their weapons' names are nearly identical. This likely follows an idea of her entry from Records of the Grand Historian. In this account, Nu Wa is not particularly specified to be a woman, Fu Xi's younger sister, or his wife. The ruler was a righteous and moral person from the Feng family. Replacing Fu Xi's rule, the person is renamed Nu Xi whilst named emperor. Everything was continued as though it were still Fu Xi's reign aside from Nu Xi's introduction of music to the people. Nu Xi's accomplishments were considered high and a match for the Three Sovereigns. Within mythology, however, Nu Xi hardly exists and is adapted as a lady provider, repairer, and a mother of humanity. She is usually seen beside Fu Xi in Chinese creation myths.


Nu Wa's Weapon of Choice is the Light Sword

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