Grade: Wei Chronicle Quest

Quest NPC: Historian

Players: 1

S-Rank: 2:30+

Strat -

You must give chase to Guan Yu as he passes through 5 Gates making his way back to Liu Bei

Using Map >

  • You Will Start at the Green Arrow
  • Head to Point 1 (Base 5) and Capture it (4 Captin)
  • Next Capture the Base at Point 2 (100 Troops)
  • Then head to the Yellow Dot, This will turn bases 1-3 red
  • Next capture the Base at point 3 (Tower Base)
  • Hu Ban will appear between point 3 & 4 Defeat him
  • Then Capture the Base at point 4 (Tower Base)
  • Go towards the purple dot point 5. you will find Guan Yu here, Start fighting Guan Yu, making use of the Imperial Seal Boxes near by.
  • Eventually Xiahou Dun will come to your Aid, let them battle it out and finish off Guan Yu when his close to death.
  • Zhang Liao will prevent Xiahou Dun from killing Guan Yu and the Quest will end.

Rank Condition Reward
S Time: 2:30+

One-Eyed Pursuer Chronicle

/spring Emote

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