The Peach Garden, named after the site where Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei swore an oath of brotherhood, is a place where players from all factions can come and meet.

While in the Peach Garden, all players will have their factions Name and Symbol displayed over their head to signify to others which faction they are from.

The peach garden is formed of 3 Plaza's


West, Central and East

Traveling to Peach Garden

Getting to the Peach Garden requires 2 things.

Firstly you must be Lt.Col rank.

Secondly you must then speak to the Peach Nymph in the Market area of your Faction.

to return simply speak to the Peach Nymph again (she is found just outside the Quaters Entrance in all 3 Plazas)

What to do in the Peach Garden

Peach Garden is a gateway for cross Faction communication. however several NPCs are also in the area.

The Blacksmith, Antiques Dealer and Merchant are around for you to use. you will also notice your Quaters in Peach Garden are the same as always. but the functions of the Furnitures are removed.

Cross Faction trading is not possible.

There are also 2 game modes which can only be accessed from here.

Kunlun Mountains

A Floor by Floor challenge survival mode.

see Kunlun Mountains for more information

Battle Royale

A 25 Player free for all! last man standing mode

see Battle Royale for more information

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